Web Developer

Hello, my name is Peter Ahlgren

I'm a fullstack web & app developer.
I have 20 years of experience in programming and development.
Through out the years I have been working with companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Swedish Cancer & Allergy Fund, Lexicon and many more.

About Me

Unmatched Service Quality for Over 20 Years

I specialize in crafting intuitive websites with cutting-edge technology, delivering dynamic and engaging user experiences.

Peter Ahlgren
+46 76 2503192
Born on 13 Jan, 1974
Senior Web Developer
Sunnanlid 9B, 71330 Nora, Sweden
Language Skills
Swedish, English

My Services

Web Design

I design a modern, selling and beautiful website for you in Figma. After that, I can convert it to HTML & CSS for you too.

Web Development

I develop your website using the latest technologies, usually React or Next.js. What ever functionality you want, I can create it for you.

App Development

If you need a mobile app, I can create it for you using React Native, so it will be professionally working on both iPhone and Android devices.

Some of My Projects

Here you can see some of all the projects, that I have had the pleasure to work on.



Website for a local outdoors gym.

react js

Airbnb Clone

A clone of the Airbnb website made in React JS.


Footprint CSS Library

A small CSS Framework. Works like Boostrap, just better ;-).


Enjoy MVC Framework

Fully working MVC Framework written in PHP.


What some of my clients say about me (and my business WebbTeam):

Scott Williams


My experience with Webbteam and Peter is that they are very professional. Our collaboration went very well, and we are very happy with the result. 5 stars from us.

Björn Eremo

Business Owner

Jag är alltid nöjd med resultatet av arbetet som Webb Team utför. Peter är kunnig flexibel och väldigt lyhörd. Hemsidan blev mycket bättre än jag vågat hoppas på och jag känner stort förtroende i det fortsatta samarbetet. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Webb Team!

Anders Hermansson

Business Owner

Vi fick en hemsida som uppfyllde alla våra önskemål och mer därtill. Det var ett bra samarbete som vi gärna gör om.

Patrik Nilsson


Top of the line. Professional service and fast deliveries. Everything we could ask for and more.

Blog Posts

My latest blog posts

This post will discusses the advantages of using TypeScript in web development projects, such as improved code maintainability, enhanced developer productivity, and better code quality.

This post explains the React Context API and how it can be used to manage global state in React applications. It will include practical examples and best practices for implementation.




More blog posts is coming soon. Be sure to check back here regularly to not miss anything.

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